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In the last couple of years, technological innovation has revolutionized world agriculture. And Latin America has been no exception.

Read this post to find out why it’s time for your business to speak Spanish.

Agtech in Latin America



According to FAO estimates, by 2050 the world population will reach 9.1 billion people. That is, 34 percent higher than today. And to feed this larger population, it will be necessary to increase food production by 70 percent.

This same study also holds that an increase in arable land surface (mainly in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa) would result in the loss of important ecological functions currently performed by those uncultivated areas.

In other words, given the current status of agriculture, any measures adopted to carry on with this model instead of promoting sweeping changes to it would only imply a halfway solution.

Issues such as soil degradation, climate change and overexploitation of water resources would not be addressed or solved, thus deepening the existing crisis.


need to feed increased population



In this context, innovative solutions were highly needed to tackle such problems and also to achieve food safety and sustainability in the long term.

As you well know, the problem is not just figuring out how to feed more people. It’s finding a way to do it right.

Over the last couple of years, the incorporation of new technologies like Big Data, AI, blockchain, and so on into traditional production chains has improved resource management and empowered all actors.

These technologies have opened up a window to knowledge and thanks to them, it is now possible to collect and process large chunks of valuable data. 

Now we can make more informed and accurate decisions. In other words, the so-called smart farming is already a fact.

technology helps agriculture



Despite all this, agricultural technology in Latin America is still at a developmental stage. According to the latest Inter-American Development Bank report, there are some 450 Agtech start-ups in Latin America.

Of that total, 23 percent is concentrated in Argentina (a key Spanish-speaking hub and the second largest in the region after giant Brazil), followed by Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, and Mexico.

Considering that a previous IDB study conducted in 2010 found only 123 start-ups in the region, it is safe to say that Agtech is growing at an exponential rate.

And in light of worst-case scenarios forecasting that an increase by 2 °C in global temperature could mean income losses of up to 42.6 percent in some countries such as Mexico, it is logical to assume that the region needs to be at the forefront of this technological revolution.

In this sense, the 2019 IDB research also concludes that while remote sensors, geolocalization and mobile technologies have grown by leaps and bounds, other technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, Big Data, and robotics, among others, have shown more moderate growth.

Meanwhile, investments in Latin American Agtech have also been growing a bit slowly but steadily within the framework of this new “green revolution.”

This phenomenon translates into endless business opportunities that will broaden your commercial horizons. 

Yes! That’s why your business needs to speak en español with Latin Americans right now.

translation into Spanish for Agtech



All in all, Latin America has the funding and the technology to move forward. But this alone is not enough to achieve a livable —and profitable— future.

We need first to adapt these technologies to the local language, context, and needs.

Put differently, if we want this major food producer to lead the way, we must develop a solid communication strategy between all actors along the chain: users, investors, and entrepreneurs.

And we must do that en español.


The AgTech waves have finally broken on Latin American shores. Now is your turn to show your business knows how to surf them like a pro.

If you want to do business with Latin America and need to plan your communication strategy, you can download my Free Guide with useful tips for a successful translation.

Not enough? Check out this post to read some more tips!

communication strategy with Latin America

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