How to charm your audience with these 5 questions

Have you ever come across a text so well written that you felt it answered all your doubts after the first read? Would you like to know how to draft such texts?

Read on to learn about the 5Ws and how to use them to charm your audience.
5 wh questions to charm your audience

Imagine you are walking down the street and you suddenly bump into this friend of yours you haven’t seen in a while.


After you shake hands, hug, kiss in the cheek (or whatever you do to greet your friend) and the usual ‘long time no see!’, I’m sure you ask them things like ‘How you been doing? What are you up to? Where are you working now?’ And so on.


OK, maybe you don’t usually bombard people with questions like I do, but you get my point: you’ll be making lots of questions because you want to know all about this person you really care about.


With brands, it’s the same story. And, it’s precisely the “story” you tell your audience (and how you do it) what defines if they’ll buy your product or service, or will just keep looking.

two men walking down the street

What are the 5Ws and what do they have to do with me?


The term ‘5W’ refers to ‘who, what, when, where, why.’ That is to say, this concept refers to all those questions we make when we are trying to understand a piece of new information.


Now let’s go back to the example of the friend you met on the street, and let’s imagine you want to tell them all about this new AG business of yours.


Your friend is in a hurry, the street is super noisy and you need to be clear and concise to tell them all the relevant details at once.


But, above all, you need to communicate compellingly if you want to get their full attention. Otherwise, your friend will start staring at their wrist-watch wondering when you’ll shut up.


But how to do this, though? I know it may sound a bit like ‘Mission: impossible,’ but it’s actually simpler than it seems.


It all boils down to telling your story from the heart and in a fresh way to charm your interlocutor.

question mark



Let’s start by defining YOU. Your ideal audience does not want to know about your zillion titles, all the medals you’ve won throughout your life, or about that Ph.D. you’ve just completed. (by the way, well done!).


Or maybe they do want to know about this, but that’s not all. Because these are not the most salient things in your life, are they? We are way so much more than a diploma hanging on the wall.


Think about what makes you different from your ‘competitors’. What is it that you love about your job within the agricultural sector?


In my case, it was not that crystal clear from the start. Although I had been working as an agricultural translator for ages, it was not until I moved to the countryside that I realized how much I loved the field (pun intended). When I saw those men and women working the land so hard I understood who I was and what I wanted to achieve through my work.


Your audience also wants to know all that about you. Find common ground and try to establish a bond from there. After all, human relations are based on affinity.


The more you open up to others, the more likely it is people will find things in common with you.


And that will obviously increase your sales opportunities.

tell who you are to seduce your audience



Here you have to try to use your imagination to ‘think outside the box’.


If you write on your website or other materials that you “grow fresh tomatoes” or that you sell “nitrogen fertilizers” everybody will ll get what you do for a living.


However, nobody likes to read catalog-like or hard to read content. Your audience needs to know how exactly is it that you are going to make their lives easier.


So, avoid unnecessary technical and complex words and put yourself in your client’s shoes when you write. Don’t get me wrong here, you don’t have to write Shakespearean sonnets about what to be or not to be in agriculture.


No. You can use simple words to simply explain to them what benefit you’ll bring if they choose you.


That will make your content more engaging.

tell what you do to convience your audience



Many people downplay these aspects which, in my opinion, are equally important as the others.


You have to make it clear what communication channels will be available to reach you and when.


Will you be answering queries 24/7 o just on business days? Will you be present on social media? Will video calls be an option for your business?


Your customers need to know where to find you and also that they can ALWAYS count on you.


This seems pretty obvious, but I have visited many websites and social media accounts of both big and small companies and you would be surprised to know that a lot of them didn’t include basic contact information.


If clients don’t know how nor when to contact you, why would they buy your products or services in the first place?



I have saved my favorite question for last. You should REALLY get the most out of this question if you want your audience to relate to you and your business.


Please don’t tell me you are in the AG sector because you studied that or because that’s what all your family members have been doing for generations.


I know this will sound a bit (OK, a lot) cheesy, but speak from the heart and tell everybody what is your mission in this world and how that relates to your job.


Let me tell you briefly my story, to see if you can get some inspiration from it (if you want to read the unabridged version, though, feel free to read it here).


So, before moving to the countryside, my job as a translator was meaningless. Sure, that was what I had studied at uni, and from that point of view, I had a dream job.


But then I moved to the countryside and got a closer look at farmers and how they worked the land every day under the pouring rain and blazing sun. And I myself became a small farmer.


That’s when I understood that, as a translator, I could bridge the communication gap between people like you and those who benefit from your products and services.


I then felt I NEEDED to translate for the agricultural sector, see the difference?


And that’s what I want you to convey in your texts: that your heart and soul are put into what you do and that’s why you’re the best and unbeatable option in the market.


And no matter what, don’t be afraid to share your story with your audience. These 5 Ws will resonate will them!


Now, let’s move on to the hands-on part!


Unleash your writing power and let the 5Ws shine through your texts. I guarantee you that with these five questions, you’ll undoubtedly charm your audience.

Do you have any doubts? Not sure how to write your 5Ws? Get in touch! 

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