Three ingredients that will woo your (agri)audience



Do you want your texts in Spanish to be more than just boring Ag lingo? Are you having trouble connecting with your audience? Then, I bring you the perfect solution!

Read this article to find out how you can make Latinos fall for your product or service with three simple ingredients.
ingredients to woo your Latino audience

Less than a year ago, when I was contacted to join OneSoil’s localization team, I never imagined that I would enjoy a project so much.

To be honest, I was hooked from the very beginning because the job combined two things I love: AgTech and translation.

How to say ‘no’ to that, right?

However, what makes OneSoil a fascinating success story in Latin America is not just WHAT they offer (IMHO, an amazing product).

It’s rather HOW they do it. Their thought-out translation strategy puts OneSoil at the top of agricultural apps because it has it ALL.

Are you eager to learn what these magical ingredients are in their success recipe?


Grab a pen and paper and keep on reading!

how to attract the latin american audience

A cup of local flavor


In general, OneSoil uses two variants of Spanish: one for the Latin American market and another for their Spanish audience.

And even when Latin America has huge lexical differences in the Ag sector (you can read about crop names here and in this other article), truth is, a message crafted with a bit of “local flavor” turns the user experience into something highly enjoyable.

But OneSoil does not settle with that and goes above and beyond.

How? See how the second newsletter is written in the Argentine Spanish variant when they run a specific campaign in that market:

use of Latin American Spanish
example of use of Argentine Spanish
use of Argentine Spanish to attract audience

I’m sure you think that I sound like a broken record whenever I tell you: “speak to your customers in their language,” right?


OK, OK, I get it… Maybe you’re partially right.


But I’m showing you this, though, because this is exactly what you should be doing right now.

Consumers want to feel special and unique. So what better way to seduce leads and clients than talking to them as equals?


A carefully worded message entices buyers and has such a greater impact!

​A spoonful of gender-neutral language


When I started working with OneSoil, the first thing I did was download their App. I wanted to understand better their product and see what I could bring to the table.

This was the onboarding message I got after subscribing:

gender neutral discourse to grab attention

Hmm. The welcome message didn’t sound 100% right. Besides the lack of consistency in terms of tone (which we will cover later), the main problem here was the use of masculine words all over the text.

Why were they assuming I was a man? (for non-Spanish speakers: they use two masculine words here, ‘bienvenido’ and ‘agricultores’).

So you see, even if it is OK to use the plural masculine in Spanish to refer to a group of people (regardless of their gender), the fact that a couple of lines above that they had welcomed me with a masculine form makes the whole context a bit confusing.

At this point, I asked myself: “Can this text be clearer and more inclusive?” Absolutely yes!

See below how, with a bit of creativity, the new version is more gender-inclusive:

how to improve a gender marked text

Sounds better, doesn’t it?

Maybe this seems like no big deal. But the gender inequality issue is a particularly hot topic in Latin America.

And even more in the agricultural sector, where women fight for access to land, equal remuneration for farming tasks and greater visibility and recognition, among other issues.

To sum up, there are more inclusive ways of communicating in Spanish. And, well, I’m not going to lie to you, doing it is really, REALLY difficult.

It takes a lot of imagination and sometimes you even need to tweak the texts a bit to get there.


But I strongly encourage you to use gender-neutral constructions whenever possible so your message has better (and broader) reception.

And lastly… a pinch of warmth


How are we, Latinos, usually portrayed? Do we seem to be cold and distant people?

No way! We are quite often regarded as absolutely demonstrative beings.

We kiss and even cuddle in public. We are vibrant people who cry with soap operas and get mad and swear when we watch the game.




And here OneSoil capitalizes on that to create a unique sense of familiarity.

Compare the stiff tone it used to have (for non-Spanish speakers: here they use the formal “you” form)

use of formal language

…with the cool and relaxed tone it uses now:

copywrited tex with informal tone

Every time I get their newsletter, it’s like getting an email from an old friend I haven’t seen in a while. I feel I need to know what they have been up to.

So as you can see, translation implies more than the mere transfer of words from one language to another.


Translating for a target market also means adopting the right strategies to make your audience need you, love you and choose you over the competition.


So when it comes to preparing your materials for Latin America, always be sure to look for professionals who know how to use these ingredients wisely.


Over to you now.


You already know OneSoil’s magical recipe for success… What ingredients are you going to use to cook unbelievably tasty texts that woo your Latino audience?



Do you have any doubts? Do you want me to tell you how to successfully communicate with Latin America?

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If that’s not enough, you can also read some tips on agricultural translation in this article.

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