What is Semillar?

Since I started working on this project, I had one thing in mind: I wanted Semillar to be the voice of the agripreneurs around the globe who wanted to do more and better business with Latin America in our language.

I always wanted to work hand in hand with a like-minded person like you: somebody who loves agriculture and who strongly believes that it needs to be better, cleaner and inclusive.

And, above all, I want to partner up with someone who wants to include more Latin Americans in that promising future.

So, that’s where you enter the picture. And that’s why I want us to work together.

But on a more personal note, I must admit that I also founded Semillar to act as a common ground of my two passions: translation and agriculture.

I’ve always been in love with languages. What amazes me the most is the power that words have to bring cultures together. That’s why I’ve always wanted to act as a kind of bridge between cultures.

However, with agriculture, it was a whole different story. My interest in that field (pun intended) came later.

You see, before creating Semillar, I used to work as an in-house agritranslator at an Argentine ministry. OK, I admit it: the topics I covered there were beyond interesting.


But in all honesty, I felt my work was meaningless: I was translating about crops in the middle of a huge “concrete jungle” (to put it in Bob Marley’s words). As you can imagine, I felt absolutely disconnected.


But things were about to change for me.


One day, I felt I had had enough and rebuilt my life from scratch. I moved away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and landed on a small farm in the middle of nowhere (OK, maybe this “nowhere” is actually somewhere in southern Mendoza). I changed skyscrapers for endless rows of crops. And loud horns gave way to the sweet singing of birds.


And guess what?


Here, surrounded by crops and other small farmers, I finally understood from within the meaning of agriculture.


It was not about numbers and figures, strange scientific names or whatever… it was about people caring for a small seed, so it could magically grow into an amazing being.


And while I witnessed how those men and women sweated day in day out to bring food to our tables, I suddenly realized I had the power to change that reality through my work.


Ever since I made that discovery, I don’t see myself doing anything else. But I know I can’t do this without you.


That’s why Semillar is more than just another regular linguistic service. It’s way more than that. it’s me putting my passion and knowledge at your disposal, so we can change the lives of millions of Latin Americans.


And given that in Agriculture nothing happens overnight, and a lot of teamwork is needed, Semillar and I are offering you to start this amazing journey together.


I believe we have finally found each other. If you think that, too, let me tell you something:


I’m ready to make this cooperation seed grow.



So what are we waiting for? Let’s do it!

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Mati Ortiz
1 year ago

Well said Soledad. I strongly believe that Semillar is the final outcome of that change that started when you decided to leave the big city. You know that I admire your work as a linguist. But mainly, I admire your quality. You are a great person and I’m sure that those who decide to work with you will not only have a perfect job done but also an outstanding experience. You are certainly doing things right. Kudos!

Antonella Cravero
Antonella Cravero
1 year ago

Hi Sole! I really like your writing. It took me there, right where things begin. Congratulations! And the best of luck with Semillar. It’s already a reality.

1 year ago

Really interesting to read Sole, thank you for speaking from your heart, and soul, and therefore transmitting it so well, that’s why this project of yours is going to get there, it is going to attract people of that field, and others, for being so genuine… ¡Bravo!

Caro Echeverria
Caro Echeverria
1 year ago

Sole, your story is inspiring. You have the power to transform and make others grow, like your crops!! Those agriculturist who work with you will be lucky to find you!!!

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